Hearthstone: The next addition will add dragons and a new mode

The Blizzard developer announced BlizzCon about the next addition to the Hearthstone KKI "NATICK DROPONS". The addition will add new cards with new abilities - ordinary things of additions. It is more curious that Blizzard also announced Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, a new mode, which, as they say, is inspired by the popular Auto Chess. Perhaps you know, the flourishing genre that began as Dota 2 Mod Dota Auto Chess and has already generated Dota Underlords from Valve and Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends. This is not what I am expected when you first hear the word "Battlegrounds" on Stream.

, firstly, dragons. Their appearance will bring 135 new cards, including many dragons. The main among them is Galacond, a new heroic card, which becomes even more powerful when you play with a new "appeal". It sounds pretty beautiful. Blizzard talk about Galakrond in this post, and they have a page "Natisk of Dragons", which shows some set cards.

"The onslaught of dragons" will be released on December 10. As always, the decks of the cards will be earned both in the game and through the purchase.

hearthstone: Battlegrounds - this is the mode similar to Auto Chesis, about the creation of the improvement army of minions and their subsequent them release to automatically fight each other. As usual, you will buy living creatures, improve them, getting three identical levels, and placing them on the board before sending them to fight with the army of another player. He has Underlords commanders with buffs for the whole army.

Battlgrounds will be for eight players. It will be free for all players, and how Auto Chess works that you do not need to come with a collection of cards, you will find them along the way.

people who will purchase sets from the last addition, receive benefits , starting with the tracking of statistics in 10 sets. At 20 sets, you get an additional option in the initial choice of a team hero, which is an impudent small game advantage.

Battlegrounds will be released in open beta version on November 12. People who visited BlizzCon (even virtually) or pre -ordered sets will receive it a week earlier, November 5th.

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