Hell Let Loose: Free period

Hell Let Loose is a military MMO, where fierce battles in open areas unfolding between 100 players with the use of tank equipment. Since the release this year, the game has already received 3 updates, which has added a new card. If this weekend, you have a desire to spend in sand trenches, then you can do it absolutely free.

The battle of 100 players begins with the fact that one part of the players is at sea, and the second part is preparing to fill them with bullets when trying to be on land. As soon as the attackers are on land, the battle will take place on a sandy beach with a huge network of trenches, and there will also be fields and villages, of course, all territories require various tactics.

This is a battle that can be held again and again, but despite the fact that everything around is becoming familiar, the battle can still be tense.

Hell Let Loose will be free in Steam Until Monday.

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