Heroes of the Multiverse: New Gample Trailer

In March of this year, the Team UMI developer announced the action of Heroes of the Multiverse for Steam and Mobile devices. Today they published a new game video.

Heroes of the Multiverse - this is a game in the action genre that doubles the thrill and pleasure from Moba with Battle Royale. Explore the dangerous kingdom of Leviathan with your friends, roll on dragons and soar in the sky, dive into incomprehensible waters or even turn into a strange tree.

Fight several opponents in unpredictable battles. Use ambush, class privileges, special abilities or even environment to create an advantage. The game card is full of elements that can affect your assessment of the situation or affect your strategy, for example, special areas and the ability to climb trees and dive into the water.

Heroes of the Multiverse will go out for mobile devices and PC in Steam in 2020.

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