Heroes of the Storm: Empires will soon arrive in Nexus

The developer of the popular dynamic Moba Heroes of the Storm published a review of the new hero, about whom the conversation was in December 2018. Empires, is already tested on a test server. This hero is an aspect of valor from the Diablo universe. Empires act quite sharply and without reservation, you can’t find a more zealous defender of righteousness.

naturally, the empire has a number of its unique features:

- thanks to the "heavenly jerk" can make a breakthrough and pierce At the same time, inflict damage and stun the target at the same time.

- "The flame of Solarion" causes damage to the opponents and slows down the opponents. Health.

- the heroic ability "angelic arsenal" will create a circle of burning swords, which, in addition to the defeat of the enemy, gives a shield to the hero.

- "Angir anger" makes a breakthrough and takes away the enemy, then carries away the enemy, then carries away the enemy Landing by applying additional. Damage and stunning to the enemy.

But this is not all the Empire is another ability called a "stigma of valor", which will put a label. To familiarize yourself with all the skills of the hero.

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