Heroes of the Storm: the event "Robbery of the scarlet casino"

In Moba Heroes of the Storm, the intra -game event "The robbery of the scarlet casino" is planned. Events will open next week on September 24.

Apparently Orpheus, a cunning and insidious plan originated.

The players will have the opportunity to complete the new chain of tasks in order to unlock emoticons, maunks and portraits. There will also be the opportunity to unlock a special mount if they succeed in robbery.

as for the chests with prey in the "robbery of a scarlet casino", players will earn chests for events, raising the level of their heroes, playing the weekly fight of heroes or spending on a weekly fight gold. From these chests, temporary objects of this or past event may fall out. Also, during the event, the players will have the opportunity to purchase a legendary chest with prey for 12,000 gold.

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