Heroes of the Storm: What changes will be in 2019

Blizzard Developers Moba Heroes of the Storm yesterday shared plans for changes and innovations in the project next year.

According to developers, players await players in the coming months, this will be changes in the game nature, system The enemy’s selection, game mechanic and new options for obtaining boosts (additional EXP).

Players used to have a decent experience for destroying buildings, in the future this mechanics will change somewhat, and players will receive certain % of experience for specific tasks.

After you destroyed the enemy’s fort, catapults will appear with each third wave, which will become a small obstacle.

changes to touch the armor system. In the future, only the highest (or low) reservation modifier will be taken into account, in addition, there will be a new indicator in the interface, according to which it will be possible to see how many (and what) the hero has.

the system will improve The enemy selection.

well, and stimulants, they now have a new name - boosts. In addition to increasing experience and gold, they will increase the hero’s experience by 5% at the end of the match.

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