Heroes of the Storm will not appear in 2019 in e -sports

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that they are translating some developers from the Heroes of the Storm team and will not participate in the Global Championship of Heroes and Heroes of the Dorm in 2019. Although this is not the end for Heroes of the Storm, it is only possible its beginning.

"Over the past few years, work to evaluate our development processes and make difficult decisions has led to the emergence of new games and others The products we are proud of. Now we have more living games and undeclared projects than ever in the history of the company. We are also at the point where we need to take some of our talented developers and transfer their skills to other projects. As a result, we made a difficult decision to translate some developers from Heroes of the Storm into other teams, and we are glad to see the passion, knowledge and experience that they will bring to these projects. This is not the first time we have to make such a difficult choice. Games such as Diablo II, World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Overwatch and many others would not have existed if we had not made such decisions in the past, "writes the company's management (full text).

Although Heroes of the Storm won a market share in the MOBA market, it does not gain momentum as fast as the leaders of Blizzard hoped. It seems that Moba has lost a large share of players because of such games as Battle Royale.

while League of Legends and Dota 2 are also in some decline, but time will tell why the moba genre or is intended for This is just a pause in its height.

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