Hi-Rez Studios closes all Paladins e-sports leagues

Hi-Rez Studios announced the termination of support for all competitive e-sports leagues of the Paladins shooter. According to the company, last year they could not provide "satisfactory" experience in e -sports and decided to send funds from e -sports to further improve the game itself.

"We know that this news disappointed many players and fans, And we would like to thank you all for your constant support of the Paladins e-sports arena over the past few years, "said Hi-Rez Studios. "But now it's time to close this chapter in the history of Paladins so that we can double our efforts and make the game a long and healthy life."

at the same time, season 4: all disaster It is also on the way by February 4. The new season will bring several new champions with it, serious changes in the combat missile cycle and many other updates.

To obtain additional information, you can visit the official website Paladins.

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