Hitman 2: Talks about the future content

Today, when Io Interactive published a roadmap for her shooter Hitman 2 and gave the players the opportunity to look into the future of the game. From new locations, new missions and new sniper maps to new unlocks and locations in the ghost mode - there is a lot of content on the horizon for owners of the basic game and additions.

new sniper maps, locations and special tasks that are included in Additions and gold edition. Agent 47 will visit the bank, prison and resort by the end of the year. Each new place will bring new goals, problems and unlocking skills that can be used in all places.

Two new locations that will appear in the game as part of more expensive releases of the game: Bank and Resort. The players of the gold edition receive both, and the owners of the silver edition will receive - the bank.

the bank should appear this summer, and the resort is scheduled for autumn. There will also be free games for all Hitman 2 players, including new topics for existing content. In addition, in the fall, for the players who purchased the gold edition, a new sniper map will be added - prison.

See the full roadmap of the Shutman 2 shooter on the news page.

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