Hitman 3: The game engine will support 300 active NPCs at the same time

More recently, the IO intercTive developer celebrated the anniversary of the Hitman spy shooter. The following card for Hitman 3 was also announced, where agent 47 is going to make some of the murders in the Chinese metropolis Chunzin.

in the video below, you can see how agent 47 walks at night along the streets with faint lighting of neon, rain bounces from his brilliant baldness. Another scene transfers us to the dance hall, where agent 47 is observing. Please note that the hall is filled with a large accumulation of people, and they all move and react to actions. This is a special pride of IO interactive - the game will be able to process more than 300 active NPCs at the same time, "expanding the boundaries of AI in games." The video also demonstrates that the Hitman 3 should look excellent, it is especially noticeable when the effects of lighting and water are present. The game works on its own Glacier engine from Io Interactive and will support 4K, 60 FPS and HDR.

It is probably not by chance that it is now IO Interactive that decided to demonstrate a location with a certain cyberpank atmosphere, but Hitman 3 really looks beautiful .

Hitman is scheduled for January 20, 2021 at Epic Game Store

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