How the developers joked today

annually developers do not forget to play a trick on users on April 1. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish the first -Armelian joke from real information. Today, the developers of the games again decided to pay tribute to tradition and add a little fun. Below the list (naturally not all) today's jokes from developers in 2019.

1.Black Desert Online(Europe) published information that "Today Pearl Abyss has announced a new board game based on their very successful Black Desert Online project" Black Desert Classic (8-bit version) has been developed To promote a board game "

2.theElder Scrolls OnlineSuddenly began selling real outfits for home cats with the phrase" Direct my homemade cats in the style of mysterious and the powerful alfiks of Elsweir. "

3. InWorld of Warcraft"Notes to the Patch" were added. (Blizzard usually has more than just notes, so follow the updates). fantasy XIVintroduced a new smart home assistant from hell and manga FFXIV.

5.War ThunderOffers become a participant in the Earth Thunder alien battles.

6. Neverwinter was enchanted by the mounds, turning them into horses on a stick.

7. Funcom announced the Conan Chop Chop mobile project!

8. PlayStation Asia decided to offer users an unusual keychain to the keys.

9. The Japanese Google made an announcement of a new unique device for typing.

10. NVIDIA also does not lag behind, announcing its unique device - an innovative holographic assistant with artificial intelligence. The assistant will be an adviser on the Internet, gameplay, will help you find important news and even translate obscene vocabulary into pleasant messages!

11. Well, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six siege today wanted to return to childhood.

12. For Honor offers a special 24-hour event where Rabbids enter the fight against minions.

13. League of Legends hosts the confrontation of cats and dogs.

14. Crossout holds an interesting event "Where is the wheelbarrow, dude?"

naturally not all, developers and well -known companies have fun at every step today, so today you should not really believe that What do you see and read. From April 1!

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