How to fly in the next update of World of Warcraft

with the output of the MMORPG World of WARCRAFT "CLASS of dominance", which is not far off, Blizzard Entertainment gives fans a preliminary review of flights in Shadowlands - one of the key functions that will be presented in the upcoming patoche.

As in the past, it will not be as easy to unlock flying mounds in Shadowlands as just to buy a Mount. Players need to go through the Covenant’s campaign and reach 40th fame before they can unlock the ability to soar over the heaven of the afterlife.

The new article on the official website explains how to unlock the flight in the complement of Shadowlands:

"Unlike previous additions, you will not need to receive an" pioneer "achievement: flights in the Shadowlands addition will be available for you at the early stage of the passage of the new chapters of the Covenant campaign. "Last printing", you will receive the consumed item "Memory of the sky without luminaries". When you use it, all the characters attached to your account will be able to study the skill of riding that allows you to fly in the four main zones of dark lands! "

Updating the" chain of domination "(chains of domination ) will also present a new raid, the secret market of Tazavesh, dungeon and much more. There is no exact release date, but most likely it will appear this month or in July.

more detailed information can be found on the official website of World of Warcraft.

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