Hoyoverse announced a mobile role -playing game

Hoyooverse studio, which stands behind the popular mobile role -playing game MMORPG Genshin Impact, announced Zenless Zone Zero, a new mobile role -playing game with elements of science fiction. This is the second new game announced in the last few weeks, the first of which was the Honkai: Star Rail, which was presented on April 27. Record for closed beta testing Zenless Zone Zero is already open, but the beta testing date is still unknown.

Zenless Zone Zero is a completely new IP game, the action of which takes place in a post-apocalyptic metropolis. It has an exciting story with a futuristic artistic style, characteristic characters and an exciting combat system, focused on action. Players will play the role of "Proxy" and go to the adventure with a variety of groups of partners to defeat unknown enemies and solve the secrets of the new Erid - the last refuge of urban civilization.

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