Hunt: Showdown: Assassin already in the swamps of Louisiana

The update of the cooperative shooter from the third person Hunt: Showdown 6.0 is already available, which means that the newly announced new Boss Assassin now walks through the swamps of Louisiana.

A new weapon was also added to update, including the Lemat Mark II revolver and the Lebel 1886, Bomb Lance, a couple of mines and ammunition boxes.

In addition, three characteristics of character have been added:

- a vampire: with this feature, players instantly heal 50 health units when they collect lutus from a dead hunter.

- Vulture: allows players to always collect loot from the dead hunters whom they find, even if the loot was collected earlier than other players.

- adrenaline: gives players the opportunity to instantly begin reloading endurance when their health is critically low.

In addition, a number of errors were fixed and various functions of the game were updated.

with a full list of changes, you can find a page on Steam.

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