Hunter’s Arena: Legends: 3 combat modes

Today, the developers of the mixture of the combat MMORPG and Battle Royale Hunters Arena: Legends, talked about three modes that will be presented on alpha testing.

Royal Battle of Solo

This mode is for 60 hunters who will be on one vast battlefield. And only one hunter can survive. When all the players gather in the central village, you will have 30 seconds to prepare. After that, the gates of the villages will open, and you will receive an additional 60 seconds before the start of the battle and the appearance of monsters.

During this time, be sure to prepare your survival strategy. You will be offered several options for a choice:

- As soon as the battle begins, you can go beyond the village, hide and ambush rivals.

- Use a glare to get to the place where there are no other hunters. Increase the level, collect objects and make your character stronger.

- carefully observe all the players who move in the village.

(After an additional 60 seconds, you can fight inside the village, but remember About the mighty guards of the village. They can be quite complicated if your level is low).

over time, the card will become smaller, and the barrier will begin to decrease. After 30 minutes, the card will become incredibly small.

in the end, there will be not a single enemy or ally.

sometimes to kill the powerful boss, you may need command work with other hunters, But you can betray them at any time. Remember that in the world Hunter’s Arena: Legends and betrayal and cooperation coexist in one battlefield. Always be on the alert.

The royal battle of the Trio

This mode is similar to the solo mode, only this time you will be part of a team of 3 people. With 20 teams competing with each other, the last remaining team will be the winner.

, unlike the solo mode, the Trio mode requires teamwork and strategic thinking when choosing a character.

A good strategy - Too quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of each character and create a balanced team of heroes who complement each other. Remember that in solitary mode you can join forces with other hunters to defeat the powerful boss and get several good objects.

In addition, the Trio mode allows you to resurrect your teammates if they die. Go to one of the altars of the resurrection that are scattered on the map, and use the subject of resurrection. Therefore, in order to win, your team must come up with a strategy and be more active. Try things such as the theft of objects of opposing commands that will make your team stronger.

synergy between characters, strategy and team game - key elements of the trio regime.

TAG Match

In TAG mode, each player chooses 2 characters. There will be 3 military rounds, and the first player who will win 2 round will be the winner.

You will compete with another player on the map, which is full of surprises.

You can use the TAG key for Switching between the characters. TAG can be used to switch the character at a low level of HP or to create combinations.

If within 100 seconds neither you nor your opponent will be able to get "K.O.", the winner will be determined by the amount of the remaining HP , which every hero has.

This mode allows you to enjoy more short battles compared to the Trio and Solo mode mode.

These 3 games will be available in the alpha test. Other modes are still under development.

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