Hunter’s Arena: Legends: Kinematographic video

Today a new trailer for a mixture of the combat MMORPG and Battle Royale Hunter’s Arena: Legends, using the in -game personnel that are created on the game engine, was published. The developer Mantisco wants to give you a fight in this mixture of the combat MMORPG and BATTLE Royale.

three of the previously open characters are filmed in this cinematic film. A huge panda, amazing mims with her chain weapon and another character, whose name is still unknown. Get ready for a mass clash, since three hunters take turns hitting each other until a larger opponent appears and will distract their attention.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends a little reminiscent of Black Desert Online. Nevertheless, this is not a full -fledged MMORPG, despite the availability of experience, abilities and more than 10,000 monsters for the battle.

there is not a word about monetization for this exclusive PC. Alpha testing is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019, so soon we will be able to find out more details.

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