Hyper Scape moved to CBT, here is a new trailer

The new free Hyper Scape shooter from Ubisoft is now available on PC. After the announcement a little more than a week ago, the SCAPE shooter aroused interest due to its city environment and effects that change the map and rules of the game during the game. The trailer and an announcement of the open beta version were presented at Ubisoft Forward. There are quite a lot of things in the trailer, but still the emphasis of the video is on the fighting.

In the video you can see how players quickly get new abilities called "Hak" and use them to get it to get The advantage during the battle. In addition, you can notice how easily the players make jumping both on the roof of the buildings and back.

HYPER Scape is a simplified approach to the genre, with an automatic HP and improved weapon.

ubisoft also published a cinematic trailer for the world of the game in which The virtual reality of the SCAPE shooter is used as a way out of the gloomy reality of everyday life. This virtual life, however, keeps gloomy secrets.

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