Icarus: Adventure World!

And then, after all the time, the Icarus server administration warms up the awaiting players with new information about the game.

icarus is a rich world filled with adventures and adventures. The plot of the game was described earlier, but it was not added, because The player will have to find out on his own, starting to play and performing various plot and additional quests. Thanks to various quest branches, the player will be able to circumvent all the corners of Midlas, make friends or fight with many. Starting to perform quests, the player facilitates the task of their color selection: the plots - yellow, side effects - blue, adventures - green.

In the game Icarus there will be dungeons (where without them). Naturally, it will be impossible to go through them alone, so now the player should take care of his game company. The higher the level of the character, the more difficult the dungeon he can try. In addition, the dungeons will be raid bosses, which can only be dealt with by a group of 10 players.

And players can fight with the bosses of the territories, solo to kill him is not an option, but the group is quite realistic to overcome and get Good trophies.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about Ellora’s spire-this is a place for solo adventurers. Ellora’s spire is a tall tower, the spire of which goes into the sky -high distance, and the tower itself is located in a deserted desert. Every 30th floor protects a strong monster, in addition, it is necessary to have time to go through all floors and it is necessary to kill opponents in only 40 minutes.

As previously wrote, the main skate of the project will of course will be tame of various creatures, as well as obtaining awards for their The collection.

The game has a system of achievements, each feat of the character, even the minimum will be reflected in a special menu, for them you can get special insignia.

Do not think that this is all that is all that is all that is all that is all that is all that is all that is all that is all that is all that is all It can offer MMORPG ICARUS, this is only a brief overview of pvo content, but there is also PVP, and they promise us to tell us a little later. Follow the news!

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