Icarus: early access sets

On the official website of the MMORPG ICARUS version, sets of early access have already appeared on sale-a set of the feudal lord!

The feudal lord is a guarantee that the player will be able to take part in the MMORPG ICARUS closed beta test, and also filled Various bonuses that can be used already during open beta testing.

Naturally, the number of bonuses depends on the price and level of a set of early access. There are three of all of them, and all of them give the right to participate in the ZBT, as well as:

- a set of baron - access to the CBT day before the start, chests with potions of HP and MR;

-a set of a column-access to the CBT 2 days before the start, chests with the potions of HP and MR, the ground Mount-Scorpio Vegarus and the premium-status for a month;

-Duke's set-access to OBT in 3 days Before the start, chests with the potions of HP and MR, flying Mount and many other bonus buns.

learn more about the cost and filling of the sets of early access MMORPG ICARUS here.

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