Icarus: from taming to a pet

And again, the administration of MMORPG ICARUS feeds us with information from this project.

Icarus game world is truly amazing and beautiful, the variety of its flora is simply amazing. Here you can see not only simple animals and birds, but also fabulous and amazing. All that is necessary is only to own information about their habitats. The last time we described how the player can tame the creature in the game. But taming is far from all, now it is necessary that the animal becomes a pet. To do this, the player needs to become the owner of a special scroll. Such scrolls can become a trophy during the hunt, and can be obtained after the quest. Naturally, pets also have a number of different skills and become excellent assistants during the battle.

almost from the start of the game, the player receives a task whose purpose is to create a pet. The player will tame an interesting animal - Kangushkan. Here in this quest, they will give a pet’s scroll for the first time.

When a player calls a pet, an additional panel with teams occurs on the screen. The pet has a scale of health and endurance, as well as various skills. They also help assembly of the drop during the murder of mobs.

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