Icarus: group instances

In MMORPG ICARUS, users expect amazing dungeons, where everyone will be able to experience themselves and check the organization of their associates, because The passage of the dungeons is collective, though not always.

The first group instance will be - a lava cave, inhabited by all sorts of evil mobs. Here it will be possible to select the passage mode:

  • single - Dange passes the solo, and mainly on the storyline;
  • elite - designed for two players;
  • Heroic - Pati of 5 players.

But this is not all, group modes have 5 levels of complexity. Naturally, the final reward depends on the level of complexity.

The second dungeon will be the terrible house of Count Carleon, which is inhabited by vampires and other wicked. An abandoned mining town in which a huge yeti is located.

so far it is all, but the updates will bring other dungeons.

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