Icarus: PVP in all its glory

Last time, the localizers of the MMORPG ICARUS version shared with users information about PVA content, and now we have already been told about PVP. There is no choice for a place and time, absolutely! If the heroes decided to find out the relationship or simply determine which of them they can start a duel at any time, even among mobs! True, in this case, the mobs will begin to attack.

In the world of icarus there is a separate location called "Emptires of the exoran", where there are different quests, animals for taming, trophies and rewards. The peculiarity of this territory is that another player can attack the player at any time. Therefore, do not walk alone on the wasteland. This location has another unique line, it is here that players will be able to take part in the PVP-air "Battle for the Stone of Mana". In order to take part in the event, the player must be a member of the guild alliance or militia (a separate fraction of the wasteland), and also be higher than 30 lvl. The task of the battle is the team to get the mana stone and attribute it to the NPS Aramata, which is located at the guide of the conqueror, or to the camp of the Blood Moon. The trick is that as soon as the character picks up a stone, he receives increased protection, but for him it becomes impossible to attack, use objects and riding on a horse. Accordingly, the team must make efforts as much as possible in order to protect him from the enemy and give him the opportunity to complete the task. The team that coped with the task receives the victory, that is, the NPS stone reported. Naturally, excellent trophies and rewards give for victory.

But this is far from all that the PVP of the direction in Icarus can touch. Naturally, there are battles between guild alliances. To create an alliance, 3 guilds of 3 development levels are needed. The head of the alliance may declare war on another alliance. The announcement of the war between the alliances appears throughout the server. The alliance wins who will be the first to kill 1000 members of the enemy alliance. In addition, any party can surrender at any time.

naturally, even on this PVP content does not end, but the localizers promise to tell about this a little later.

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