Icarus survival plays in August, but not free

The multiplayer ICARUS survival from RocketWerkz will be launched on Steam on August 11, as it was announced at the E3 2021 PC Gaming Show exhibition. But, contrary to the previous messages, the upcoming game will not be free, and instead it will need to be bought with paid chapters and additions that are planned to be released in the future.

"We did not want a business model for the business model She interfered with the game process, "explained the founder of RocketWerkz and the creator of Dayz. "We also clearly and clearly heard from our community that they want to avoid Free-to-Play traps. We want Icarus to constantly develop as a living game, always adding new session tasks and game modes. We think that regular chapters and content updates are a great way. "

In icarus there is a sessional PVE-playing process for survival for eight players. The game drops the players onto the planet Icarus with limited resources and sets them the task of finding and extracting valuable exotic matter, making sure that they will return to the ship in time.

"Explore wild alien deserts after unsuccessful terraforming. Live long enough to get exotic matter, and then return to orbit to create more advanced technologies. Faced on time or stay there forever. "

icarus is currently sold at a 10% discount on Steam for a limited time.

Below you can see the trailer for the new Icarus with E3 2021.

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