Icarus: taming sled animals

101HP continues to acquaint users with the Icarus game world. Recently, they talked about the taming system in the game of maonnets.

The world Icarus contains a colossal number of various game creatures that can be tamed. Each player will be able to find a faithful assistant, both on earth and in the sky. But do not think that taming a sled animal is very simple. Each of them has its own disposition and character, so the player will have to make a lot of effort to get a strong assistant.

sled animals or as the maones also call them, this is a great and quick way to move through the expanses of Midlas. Mount can be terrestrial and flying. The player receives some animals by performing an exciting quest, the player will have to find others on his own. Many creatures that can be tamed have personal skills that increase the characteristics of the character. In addition, some sled animals also have active skills that allow them to damage the enemy in battle, or to impose negative effects on him.

the most important feature of the Icarus game is, of course, the battles on the mound, regardless of that, regardless Where the battle will be held, in the sky or on Earth.

, starting to play and reaching only level 3-4, the player receives the task of taming the first Mount-the Brakkar unicorn. This amazing and rare animal has a obstinate disposition, and will naturally show its independence. But to make a little effort, and he will submit to you, and will serve faithfully. The player should carry out various tasks for capture and tame of different animals, for such quests he will receive bonuses, titles and game currency.

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