Icarus: week to zbt

So, only a week remained before the Closed beta testing of MMORPG ICARUS! Localizers shared information, what will be expected by those who have already gained access to the ZBT of the project.

Participants of the ZBT

Closed beta test will be carried out from 7 to June 21, and users will be able to take part in it:

- they purchased a set of the feudal lord;

- became the winner of the competition or a rally of keys to the ZBT;

- Users in the guilds who filled the questionnaire.

All participants will not only get acquainted with the game, but also seek out and test various flaws and flaws, which will need to be informed by the localizers using the special functionality to which they will receive Access on the site is closer to the ZBT. In addition, all testers will use the closed section of the forum, where they can get acquainted with important information, which concerns the test and get tasks. The most active Participants in the ZBT will receive awards.

What will have to be tested?

During closed beta testing, participants will be able to develop their hero to a maximum of 25 lvl. Five game classes will be available to them.

it will be especially carefully necessary to test locations and dungeons.


during testing participants expect Various gaming events:

- PVP-identity in the wastelands of the exarae

- the appearance of various bosses;

- daily gifts for staying in the game for more than an hour;

- Login-identity;

- Chat-Buff.

also during testing players will be able to use the ELLORA gaming store.

more about events and ZBT icarus can be found on the game website.

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