In Dota 2 appeared the messenger of the dawn Valor

The messenger of the dawn Valor appeared in Moba Dota 2 with the release of version 7.29. Valora has a huge magic hammer reminiscent of the Torah Mölnir.

"The messenger of the dawn Valor, the most venerable warrior among the ancient creations of the children, led a light -made trip to the glory of order and radiance. Created from the heart of a young metal star and gifted with the golden breath of a new life, the Valor smelled the glow of the wisdom of children in the darkest corners of the universe - weaving the sky with every wave of her hammer in an endless battle with chaos. " Your hammer to apply AOE-won and stun enemy heroes in front of you. She can also throw him forward in a straight line, causing damage to all the enemies whom he amazes. The hammer will remain at a distance for two seconds before he returns to her, leaving the path of fire that slows enemy units. Ulte Valor allows her to teleport to the Union Hero to anywhere in the map. Allies in the target area will be healed, and enemies will receive damage while maintaining the skill. Enemies will also receive additional damage and will be stunned when the Valor lands in the selected area.

Details of the update on the official page of the game.

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