In Fallout 76 you can hire a bartender

Not so long ago, Bethesda spoke about the reputation system that should appear along with the update of Wastlanders in the Fallout 76 shooter. Now the developers give some information about the "allies", a kind of limited version of NPC companions from previous Fallout games.

Apparently, the allies will pursue several goals: they will be on your base after you make friends with them and will offer small chains of tasks. They are a special introductory task. One of these allies is Beckett, a man with a dark past, striving to start a new life. This task will launch a storyline that will introduce you to the story of the character. After the completion of the special plot tasks of such allies, they will begin to offer you daily instructions, for which you can get additional experience and objects, "writes Bethesda.

As soon as you find an approach to an ally, you can open an object that you can Use on your base related to this character. For example, if you make friends with Becket, you can build a backkeeper bar in your camp, and it will give drinks there and help protect your camp if it is attacked. .

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