In Hunt: Showdown will appear Solo PVE-mode

January 16, 2020, a cooperative shooter from a third person Hunt: Showdown received a new publisher. Koch Media will act as the publisher Hunt: Showdown for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While Crytek will continue to develop Hunt: Showdown and act as a publisher for the PC in Steam. Both companies will work closely to ensure the best gaming experience on all platforms.

The developers of the shooter Hunt: ShowDown hastened to tell about plans for the future, including a very popular solo mode, a new card and special temporary events.

Most of the blog post is devoted to the plans of the game console, including the Xbox One-PlayStation 4 cross-game, which will help support the players' base. Nevertheless, for PC players, there is something that deserves special attention.

The most noticeable new addition is the solo PVE mode. Although, in essence, Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer royal battle, it is NPC monsters that really give her character. Find clues about their whereabouts and develop strategies for their elimination, it is as exciting as the game against other players.

in the near future Crytek is working on updating 1.2, which will include a new randomized team of three Players, an improved format of teaching beginners, new game characters and new tools with which you can win demons.

If you have not played Hunt: Showdown, be sure to try it. At the start of the project, the game did not make much impression, but the game is interesting in its own way. This is a gloomy beautiful game made even more exciting thanks to the unique design of monsters. Spiders made of corpses, and people made from the mutating hives, are only some of those terrible things that are striking.

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