In KKI Hearthstone will appear companions on the battlefields

Heroes of Hearthstone receive friends on the battlefields in the next large update of Online KKI. The new function will significantly change the course of matches on the "battlefields", since each hero is assigned a support detachment called "Companion", which helps him in battle.

the companion will have a scale that will be filled as it will be filled as Players will perform various actions during the match. When the scale reaches half the mark, the players will be provided with a special ability or challenge that they can either use immediately or save until the counter is filled for a more powerful effect.

"Companions" will debut together on January 25 together With four new heroes of "battlefields" and new training grounds for mercenaries. The training ground will allow mercenaries to receive passive experience and will help strengthen those who do not spend much time on the battlefield. Also, in the framework of update 22.2, several cards will be weakened.

Details on the official page Hearthstone.

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