In Last Oasis, wipe and large update are expected

MMO about survival Last Oasis should receive a major update in the near future, and the developer of the Donkey Crew decided to make the full wipe of the server to clear the way to the exit of the game (it is still in the early access) and the beginning of the 3rd season. The team has not yet announced the release date of the update, but they confirmed that some fundamental changes in the structure of the game will be made in it, which is probably the cause of the wip. A month, admitting that it was broken because they rebuilt the game from scratch to prepare the soil to launch the game on Xbox.

Why release a non -working patch? Well, the developers want to collect reviews before they really start starting the game on Xbox consoles. "We finally approached the finish line with all the changes, and we need all the possible help to test and give an honest review," the team added.

I hope that updates and launch on Xbox will be enough to make it enough Increase the number of players, which, according to the latest Steamcharts data, has decreased by 43%over the past 30 days.

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