In New World, the creation of new characters is disabled, and the servers went to those. service

Amazon Game Studios disconnected the creation of characters in all regions and servers MMORPG New World for unknown reasons.

earlier assumptions indicated the efforts of the studio for control of bots, RMT and bugs with several accounts that were serious A splinter on their side since the launch of MMORPG in September last year. But a more fresh tweet indicates the real problem that Amazon is now trying to solve.

over the past few weeks, the team continued to make significant changes to the game to fight the bugs, including shifting most of the awards for new players Closer to the end of the main chain of tasks, disconnect the transfer of servers for new characters and not allow new players using the tokens of the free translation that they issued to solve the problem of overpopulation and imbalance of servers.

We Will Be TAKING DOWNTIME TODAY AT 11 PM PT [2 am et / 8 Am CET] to Address this Issue. Downtime is Slated to Last 3 Hours.

- New World (@Playnewworld) January 19, 2022

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