In South Korea, “unfair” purchases in games will be reviewed

On Friday, the Antimonopoly Commission of South Korea said she would conduct an extensive overview of the consumer rules of gaming companies. The fair trading commission contacted 10 game companies, including Nexon NCSoft, Blizzard and Riot Games to find out their opinion, reports The Korea Herald.

of computer and mobile games are subject to revision. Some of the wide reviews include, but is not limited to points regarding the purchases of minor users in the game.

"In some news it is reported that it will be easier for people to receive compensation for intra -game purchases if they can prove that their children used credit Cards without permission, "said the representative of the commission. "If a minor spends more than the amount permitted by the law of 70,000 won ($ 62) per month, he or it will be held accountable."

the commission considers this issue on a wider scale. Some points hint that parental approval is necessary when adolescents sign up for the game - the actual resolution of parents. Some game companies limit the return of funds for gaming items and cash gifts, even if the receiving party has not yet accepted the gift. The donated items sometimes have an unfair limited period of use.

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