In Swords of Legends Online, a new fiery stone legacy raid will appear

GameForge has released a new final content for MMORPG Swords of Legends Online in the form of a fiery stone heritage raid - Lancyan Bridge. The usual version of the raid is now available for groups of 10 to 20 players with the minimum level of objects 175 and objects 180, which can be obtained after passing.

"A long bridge connecting the labyrinth of heavenly gates with Lancuyans is truly magnificent, as The sparkling lights of the heavenly arch. The long history of the war between the demons and the immortals led to the fact that countless times it was broken and restored, and those who, with evil intentions, continue to penetrate through him into the Kingdom of Immortal to this day. But the bridge was captured by the chaosan and Zhong Tech. They placed their army of demons to block the Qin League, while they are trying to break through the walls into Lancuan. Do you have the courage to take a chance to cross the bridge? "

The light mode of the Lantzuan bridge will open on Sunday with lower requirements for the level of objects and lower rewards for the level of objects. You can also visit the official Swords of Legends website to get acquainted with detailed information.

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