In the court, Epic Games VS Apple raised the question: what is a game?

This week, a trial was a trial in the case of Epic Games VS Apple under antimonopoly legislation. During which all kinds of confidential information was collected and shown to weak lawyers how confusing the game industry can be. But on the fourth day of the tests, Apple faced several contradictions in determining what the game actually is-and all this is because of Roblox.

for those who are not yet in the know, Epic first served The antimonopoly claim against Apple last year after Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store because Epic violated the Apple rules and placed its own microtransactions in the Fortnite application. It is important to note the following important points: 1) Apple does not allow applications with transactions that do not pass directly through them, or with content that is not approved by Apple. And 2) they have rules prohibiting the hosting windows in the App Store, which prevented Epic from transferring Epic Games Store to iOS. But then suddenly Roblox begins to stir up water.

Roblox - a technically game that contains a collection of other games created by its players. It already violates some Apple politicians simply because it is, because each of the individual games inside it is not approved by Apple directly. And yet he has been in the App Store for many years.

Epic lawyers raised the question of Roblox during the trial. Epic describes this in about the same way as a set of games in the game. But when the judge asked what the application was doing, the representative of Apple expressed a slightly different idea: "Roblox is an application in which users create a profile, spend time with their friends and can join this experience that I would call content..."

"If you think about the game or the application, the games are incredibly dynamic," he added. "Games have a beginning and an end, there are problems. I look at the experience in Roblox, similar to experience in minecraft. "

Most likely, there will be more disputes on how to determine such things, in the course of the trial. In addition, the confidential information that appeared on the network that Epic Games spent almost $ 12 million on the distribution of free games in the first nine months, as well as the leaked information about the non -anons of Walmart's cloud gaming service, will clearly not be the last. But let's see how this story will end.

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