In The Elder Scrolls Online, terrible jesters walk again

The terrible court jesters are again walking around MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, since the annual jug festival returned to Tamriel for a whole week a joke. The event has already begun and will last until April 7, which will give players another chance to get various awards for events.

"During this funny, you can purchase Buffs for experience and receive rewards for events, completing the tasks of the festival . To join the celebration, go to the pavilions of the jesters located in large cities of Ebonhart, the Wulhel guard and Daggerfall, and talk with one of the three jesters that are amazingly similar to Yorunn, King-King Ayrenn or the Supreme King Emerik. "

The execution of an introductory quest will reward the players with a souvenir, which gives a 100% positive effect of experience two hours after use. Players will also be able to earn an event, performing daily tasks during the event. Ivent tickets can be exchanged for fragments of the illusion of a fiery dragon, fragments of the appearance of the scales Akatosh, fragments of souvenirs from a new chest with cadvell surprises and pages for equipment.

Details of the Ivent can be found on the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online.

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