In the Western Lost ARK, the destroyer is announced

If you like to destroy things with a giant hammer, then you will like the new class of the destroyer in MMORPG Lost Ark. The destroyer is the fourth advanced class of a warrior that will appear in the western version of MMORPG in the next update "Destined for Destruction".

"A real tank, the destroyer has a large reserve of health, the ability to create shields and powerful attacks. A huge amount of damage from stunning. The compromise is achieved at the cost of the attack and the speed of movement of the destroyer - this clumsy warrior has a huge gravitational hammer that needs to be dragged by the battlefield. "

Although its total speed is small compared to other classes, in the destroyer. There is access to skills that can give him a quick surge in speed, allowing him to attack or jump into battle when necessary. He can also manipulate gravity in order to slow down, weaken and crush his opponents while he without effort passes through gravitational attacks, or he can simply attract enemies to himself so that they are within the reach of his destructive attacks with a hammer.

You can see the destroyer and his hammer the size of a car in action in a new trailer below.

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