In Titanfall 2, you can play for free on Steam 2 day

Recently, the popularity of the Titanfall 2 shooter in Steam has increased significantly thanks to its connections with the upcoming launch of the ninth season of APEX Legends. Now the number of players has increased because this weekend will be available for free on Steam.

until May 3 until 20:00 Moscow timeYou can play Titanfall 2 for free. This is enough to complete the excellent campaign (which will take about six hours), but a large number of players also make it possible to return to the equally excellent multi -user regime.

Multipolitative mode Titanfall 2 significantly It differs from APEX Legends in that it includes giant mehi running along the walls, which can be caused from the sky. The multi -user regime is filled with different dramatic moments. The ability to cause fur is a common thing. Nevertheless, you manage to feel depressed when you are a pilot, but fair when you fight. Grabbing the robot to break his wiring is exciting. Like the flight to the landing ship, when your team loses. These are only some of the reasons why Titanfall 2 is included in the list of the best FPS.

Meanwhile, the ninth season of Apex Legends should go out on Tuesday and bring a new character, a valcir, which is the daughter of an enemy pilot-robot From the plot mode Titanfall 2.

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