Infinite Lagrange is officially launched around the world

Netease has just released a new multi-user science fiction space simulator called Infinite Lagrange for PC, Android and iOS. The game is strikingly similar to Eve Online with the gameplay in the sandbox with the open world, including an extensive plot, space research, construction, large -scale space battles, territorial control and expansion, treasure hunting, as well as many opened and modified ships.



"Infinite Lagrange presents to the players an exciting universe that combines a multi -user regime in real time with impressive strategic mechanics with endless boundaries, providing maximum freedom that allows researchers to choose their own way. Players can create an space alliance at will and maintain full control over the creation of their fleets, conquering unknown territories and expanding their galactic presence by building stations in the universe. "

Infinite Lagrange was originally launched in Europe Back in April, and now available in many countries of the world. The new trailer gives some idea of ​​the origin of the game. More information can also be found on the official website Infinite Lagrange.

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