Insurgency: Sandstorm: Added several types of weapons

The last large update for the first -person shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm promises to make a small shake in the battles between soldiers and rebels thanks to new game modes and 5 types of weapons.

The highlight of the renewal is an arcade playlist. Ultimately, it will contain several modes and new sets of rules, starting with the team to death. This is a simple regime in which each team is simply trying to get the largest number of murders, but it also removes restrictions from the factions and gives you additional supply points for easily obtaining your dream equipment.

You can spend this enlarged stock on five new guns, which are usually limited by a certain fraction. For close battles, you will need one of the new MP5. A2 and A5 are both low -caliber weapons, so they will not give strong return. Two new machine guns are laid a large crowd: M240B boasts a large caliber, and MG3 has a "absurd" rate of fire. You can also add a PF940 pistol to your equipment, which comes with updating a large volume store, allowing to squeeze 31 cartridges into it.

also includes new cosmetic objects, the ability to expel players from community servers and competitive tays. You can read the full patch here.

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