Just CAUSE 4: Spring update and announcement of the next addition

Yesterday, the Just Cace 4 action movie received spring update, which not only brought improvements, but also adds free content to the world of Just Cuse 4. So lighting and night visibility were changed, which gave the environment more expressiveness and brightness. The destroyed statues of the black hand that can be found throughout the Solis have been added. There was significantly improved the combat vehicle of the black hand. Aircraft will be able to participate with you in air battles, helicopters are more evasive, drones are less prone to clashes, and vehicles will try to knock you out of the road. Solis's metal railway bridges are now exploding and bursting into large and small fragments, and trains fly out of their ways, causing a crazy massacre.

In addition, the second addition was confirmed: Los Demonios.

In Los Demonios, the ancient demonic force invaded Solis, and only Rico can stop it.

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