Just Cuse 4: Tomorrow there will be a release

Tomorrow will be the release of the ambitious action movie Just Cuse 4, where you will again be Rico Rodriguez, a freelance superament. This time, Rico helps to free the South American island of Solis, an extensive paradise of several beautiful biomes, whose people oppress the dictator and his adherents. Just Cuse 4 is associated with the plots of previous games, and has a feature of easy intrigue thanks to the connection with the father of Rico, who unintentionally helped the dictator use elements and change the weather. The player’s arsenal in this part has seriously expanded. Starting from unmanned fighters to super -powerful weather -resistant weapons. Among the weapons, you will find a gun of wind, allowing you to invisibly blow out whole detachments of enemies or lightning, which not only delays enemies, but can also create mini-grozes that will fry everything around the perimeter. You can also simultaneously call several aircraft to abandon a huge amount of weapons and heavy artillery, allowing you to be freedom to turn Just Cuse 4 into a bright area of ​​faults and explosions when you want. In general, enjoy, the exit will take place tomorrow, but the pre -order can be done now. The developers published a new trailer for the militant’s exit.

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