Justice: Announcement of full -scale testing

For 5 years now, with special care and elaboration, MMORPG Justice has been developed by the Chinese company Netease. And now the developers announced the full -scale internal testing of the project while maintaining progress. Open beta testing will begin on June 29, but the details about the conditions of participation are not yet advertised.

According to the description of Justice, not only is beautiful, but also with its own shower. The smallest detail of the environment - the scenes will be interactive everywhere, everything is the same. After a hot day, you can listen to bird singing in the central courtyard or observe the dance of butterflies on the shore of the stream. The project absorbed all possible traditional martial arts and heroes. Players will be able to become heroes, or businessmen, or bad guys, but they can simply do nothing. Justice not only relies on the artistic style, but also on the aesthetics of oriental culture.

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