Kakao Games opened the road map 2022 Elyon

Kakao Games has released an official MMORPG Elyon Road Map for the rest of the year with the stages of the release of all the upcoming content, which was presented earlier this month.

The entire upcoming content, which was shown during the video Elyon letter From the producer at the beginning of this month. The new roadmap gives the output windows from April to the last quarter of 2022.

over the next two months, players can expect the appearance of the IRUKAS raid for 30 players, the class of paladin, and assistance systems in the battle, the new dungeon of the clan, the support of the controller and the attributes of the runes, as well as the improvements of the existing content.

from June to July we will see the appearance of the temple of desire and secret marine hunting lands, updating the wars of worlds and rewards for glasses of honor, As well as equipment sets, and in the output of content from August to September, another new class bearing the soul, giant production of manamehs will be presented. PVP meetings in the siege war, a new raid dungeon, a new battlefield and other updates of the world of the worlds.

and, finally, in the last quarter of the year another class, a new continent, a new battlefield, two new ones The dungeons, a new raid, an increase in the maximum level and update of housing.

We hope that the prospects of new content will be enough to revive the dying base of the players. Steamdb shows a peak number of players in 24 hours only 327 players.

more detailed information can be found on the official Elyon website.

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