Kingdom Under Fire 2: Battle Magician, its strength and splendor

innova does not stop at the start, and shares interesting videos about the game classes MMORPG Kingdom Under Fire 2. This time we can watch a video about a woman... combat magician.

In the distant lands of the eastern part of Bersim , in Bylonta, the girl, over whom experiments were conducted, fell into the paws of evil spirits, and now the blood of an ancient elven family flows in it, which gives it incredible strength and power. This force helped her to flee after long chases and wandering, she finally found a refuge among the knights and the purpose of life. The appearance of a fragile, but actually strong, which owns the power of the elements, she entered the battle.

In the following videos, localizers promise to tell about such classes as a warrior and trackers, as well as about PVP.

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