Kingdom Under Fire II: First Information from Localizers

Finally, players waiting for the appearance on the RU server Kingdom Under Fire II received a little useful information about the project from localizers, or rather answers to their questions.

The game will be even before the Kingdom Under Fire II, but The localizers cannot say unequivocally in what form this testing will take place. The Project ZBT itself is planned for this year, but again they do not call specific deadlines, promising to release a preliminary announcement. questions. The game forum is still at the development stage.

Model of the distribution of the game Kingdom Under Fire II in Russia will be free-to-Play, this is already mentioned with confidence.

Localizers are actively engaged in translating the client client but at the moment, a little more than 250,000 characters of 1,454 223 have been transferred.

Active work with guilds is planned to start at the ZBT stage.

if compared with information about the game that appeared that appeared 8-9 years ago, then we can say with confidence-these are completely different games, all that connects these projects is just a name. Since the released project in Malaysia showed that it should be completely processed, which the developers were doing all this time. So in Russia a completely new redesigned and radically changed Kingdom Under Fire II project is expected.

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