Kingdom Under Fire II: Updated the site address and system requirements, early access sets

Innova mosquito-Localizer is preparing for the AMORPG start with RTS Kingdom Under Fire II elements.

The address of the project website was updated, where you can already leave an application for a closed beta testing, which is planned in the fall, in addition, you can read about classes, the army, history of the world, the mission of the mission and the PVP of the Competition and War .

Already now you can purchase early access sets. There are only three of them and they differ in price, filling and the number of days of premium status. And of course, they give a complete guarantee that you will get to the ZBT. But you can leave an application for the ZBT and for free. Read more here.

also updated system requirements and answers to frequently asked questions were posted, you can learn more about this on the official page.

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