Knockout City can be played for 10 days for free

Sports games, it's time to leave the bench! The upcoming competitive team game in the Electronic ARTS Action Knockout City will be released next week, and it was decided to make the game free within the first ten days after launch. EA announced quite a lot of events during a free trial period, and then the first season will begin. And this means that you will have something to do since May 21.

EA declares that during the free trial version you will have access to the whole game, and not just for the subset of cards or actions. This is a team competitive game, so you will have to unite with friends on different platforms, open cosmetic objects and participate in four different playlists of the game.

EA call the first ten days of Knockout City your Block Party, including a couple of days where the developers are developers They will meet with players on Twitch, as well as the community tournament. The first season of Knockout City will begin on May 25, also during a trial period, which will add a new card, various types of "contracts" and a game in the league. You can read all the information about the trial version and actions on the official page of the game.

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