Kritika: Halloween's first celebration

Already now you can start celebrating the Halloween season with Kritika Online. Halloween events will last until November 1. To feel the ominous spirit of this holiday in the store, there are now many demonic costumes of Halloween.

Starting from Wednesday, October 18, as soon as you go to plunge into the next adventure, just take the group and click the icon in the lower right corner of the screen "Dangerous Zone "next to the arena. Each entrance to the House of Ghosts will cost each participant one Halloween.

In addition, Kritika Online has many funny things that you can earn by fulfilling achievements at the Hallowean event:

  • Complete the Halloween event 50 times during the period of the event to get a free permanent animal - Ghost.
  • Complete specific goals and achievements to get the main Halloween costume, a skin for Halloween weapons and a special Hallowean title.
  • every time you win the terrible ghost of Halloween - ghost boss - you get a pumpkin containing festival sweets, plus a chance for special costumes! Didn't get the costume you are looking for? Gather enough festival sweets, and you can exchange them for a suit!

You can join the celebration in Kritika Online on the official page of the project.

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