Kurtzpel: announces the next karma

MMORPG Kurtzpel will soon receive some significant changes. Kog hints that "everything will change", which requires large -scale updating the balance for existing characters.

In addition, it is planned to begin the new tournament at the end of this month. The second Eltheca Proving Grounds session will begin on September 28, once again, fighting with the best hunters in a series of exciting battles.

But the most exciting hint of this update is a new karma. The image of the teaser shows more than it should, starting with the name of the next game character. This is a lime of the serenity, the holy knight, a character, whom fans will probably learn from one of the previous Kog games, and which is inextricably linked with Kurtzpel: Grand Chase.

New Karma Lime Serenity is a young woman-lilac knight who is who Uses a huge hammer of blessing. The teaser shows that it is fully equipped with a hammer.

Serenity lime will appear in Kurtzpel on October 10, 2019.

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