Kurtzpel: early access was transferred to 2 quarter

Despite the successful conduct of closed beta testing last month, the developers of MMORPG Kurtzpel announced today that the launch of the early access would be postponed to the second quarter (from the date of the initial release of the first quarter).

"We would like to Thank each of you for signing up Kurtzpel. We informed everyone that the early access Kurtzpel will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2019 on Steam. But, as you already guessed, we will have to postpone the start date a little. Initially, we planned to fix the main errors on the SBT and launch early access in March, but as soon as we received the reviews of the players, we realized that we had more work than we initially expected. Currently, we finish the good and delete the bad from Kurtzpel, adding new functions to the game based on your reviews, "writes the team.

Well. At least they remove the "bad" from the game.

kurtzpel is a 2 -focused PVP 2 on 2 with some PVE elements. PVE elements resemble Dauntless, as players fight one boss in the stage.

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